OKNB 2024 and DOTS

Biking for Climate Justice and Democracy!

The bike protest tour enters its fifth round!


From 18/05 - 26/05 international from Cologne to Brussels!


Support us now with a donation!


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Together for Future e.V. 
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Description: OKNB

The money raised will be used for equipment, catering, sanitary facilities and transport. 

Because for every demo tour we need lighting, food, hygiene articles, medical equipment, camp safety equipment, equipment to enable accessibility, as well as cooking and bicycle repair equipment and other small items.

We also need sanitary facilities for many of the sleeping areas. In places where there are no sanitary facilities, we have to organise these externally. We also try to find facilities that are as accessible as possible.

To transport all this material, we need borrowed cargo bikes for each demo tour and, depending on the size of the tour group, a transport vehicle.

We appreciate every donation that helps to make our tour possible!


For large donations (more than €300), please contact finanzen@oknb.email directly. A donation receipt can also be issued here.

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